Professionally I am a web developer. So I know a lot about developing websites, but I only have basic knowledge about hosting (providing a secure and high-performance server environment). That’s why I prefer to rely on professionals who know what they’re doing. My hosting experience so far has been with big providers like Strato, Host Europe, Ionos (formerly 1und1) and most recently

As a hosting customer, I want to be sure that the server configuration is optimally configured for my software. So I want to be able to rely 100% on the hoster. Nevertheless, I expect that I can set certain configurations like PHP execution time, debugging and redirects myself, without the system becoming unstable. And of course, I would also like direct access to webspace and database.

In search of a very good WordPress Hoster

For this blog I was looking for a hoster who specializes in WordPress hosting. While searching for a good WordPress hoster I came across a company from Münster relatively quickly: Raidboxes. Münster is about 60 km away from my place of residence and therefore I liked it right away.

Of course, distance should not be the decisive factor, but other criteria such as climate neutrality, performance and trust.

Excellent customer service

Raidboxes offers climate-neutral web hosting.

The first impression of Raidboxes was positive throughout: While studying the offers on the website I actually still had 2-3 open questions. Hoping for a quick answer I just started typing in the chat window. Only a few moments later I got a friendly answer. Due to the exemplary communication, the friendliness and uncomplicated answering of my questions, I booked a STARTER Package for 15 EUR net per month on the same day.

What are the criteria for a good WordPress Hoster?

Well, below I list the criteria that have convinced me of Raidboxes and continue to do so today.

  1. Climate Neutral Hosting

    Raidboxes focuses on sustainable green electricity from hydropower. Raidboxes is not only climate-neutral, but also climate-positive.

  2. EU-DSGVO Data Protection & Server Location Germany

    With Raidboxes I can provide a DSGVO compliant WordPress website, server location is Germany.

  3. Dashboard – Everything at a glance

    There is a clear dashboard with SSD allocation, password protection and cache reset. There I have access to SFTP access, MySQL database and domain configuration.

  4. Preconfigured WordPress Installation

    Each WordPress installation is pre-installed and preconfigured on its own box.

  5. Backups

    Backups are created automatically every day and can be easily imported via the dashboard.

  6. High performance

    Pagespeed is an extremely important ranking factor and therefore extremely SEO-relevant. I think the performance is great. This is probably due to the fast SSD hard disks, which are used as storage space for the web space. PHP 7, HTTP/2 and server-side NGINX caching are further performance guarantors, you can safely do without an additional caching plugin. By default, gzip compression and browser caching are also activated.

  7. SSL certificate

    SSL Certificate? No problem either, it’s free with Let’s Encrypt and can be installed at the push of a button via the dashboard.

  8. Debugging / Troubleshooting

    What to do if your WordPress plugin or PHP script fails? No problem, via the dashboard of your box you have read access to logfiles (Access Log and Error Log).

  9. Cronjobs

    WP-Cronjobs are available for time-controlled tasks. This allows you to execute cronjobs on the server side at adjustable intervals.

  10. Staging environment

    Raidboxes even offers a staging environment in the STARTER tariff* a 1:1 copy of the website is created. In this test environment you can try things without affecting the live website. So you can test and try it first. At the push of a button, you can then transfer the changes to the live performance. Cool, isn’t it? I only know such a thing from a few high-priced hosters in business rates.

  11. Safety and security

    Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about securing the WordPress installation, the security settings are configured by Raidboxes.

For those of you who are still in doubt that Raidboxes is a very good WordPress Hoster, I’ll list all the settings available in the STARTER Box*:

  • Server: Cache, SSL, SSH
  • Sicherheit: IP Blocking, CORS Header, WP Session Eraser, XML-RPC Blocker, Disallow File Edit
  • PHP: PHP version, PHP execution time
  • Weiterleitungen: URL-Redirects
  • WordPress: WP-Version, password protection, Limit Login Attempts, Single Sign On, WP Debug, WP Table Prefix, wp-config.php
  • Cronjobs: Execute WP-Cron, Execute WP-Cron server-side, WP-Cronjobs
  • Security Header: NGINX Content Security Policy, NGINX X-Content Type Options, NGINX X-Frame Options, NGINX X-XSS-Protection

I personally don’t miss any further settings, because I don’t want to interfere in deeper configurations and prefer to leave that to the hoster.

Here an insight into the Dashboard of Raidboxes


In my opinion Raidboxes* manages the difficult balancing act between „optimal WordPress server configuration“ without taking too many configuration options away from the customer.
Everything I want to be able to configure, I can configure. The rest is done by the hoster.

In other words, you can focus on your blog content and rely on your WordPress installation to be optimally configured and monitored on the underlying server. I’d be happy to pay 15 EUR net per month for this.

I can recommend Raidboxes* without restrictions!

The links marked with an asterisk (*) are so-called affiliate links. If you make a purchase via such an affiliate link, I receive a commission from the respective partner / provider. This does not change the price for you.